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So like, are caleb and amber a real thing now?
Bitter Betch

Ayo fellow assholes of Tumblr Survivor Borneo. I have a few words of encouragement (er.. slander?) for all of yall. 

Jess: You wanted revenge on me from the start of this game and yet when I was voted out, you didn’t even vote for me. I’m not sure whether to applaud that or think of it as your mission failing. 

Emma: We had one conversation and that’s about as far as our relationship goes. 

Cassidy: apparently Cassidy isn’t even in the game anymore and some Mandy girl replaced her so like… #irrelevant. 

Foxx: What have you even done in this game? I am not star struck by your fan favorite status just so ya know. Like, im pretty sure it is obvious who is winning fan fav this season. #NoOneBecauseYouAllSuck

Jae: Im sorry you were so hurt by me not responding to you. My life didn’t revolve around our conversations. Sorry not sorry. Have fun making it to the end and not winning again. 

Laure: We didn’t talk. It sucked because you are the one person I actually liked. 

Jenn: I hope you make it to the final 4 and then get voted out like last time. You and Jae are so predictable Its like watching Mr Robinsons neighborhood on repeat. 

This was so dramatic

This was so dramatic

This Happened.